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Exstep Compact Flash Drive

Introducing: Exstep Compact Flash (CF) Drive for Canon Steppers.

Traditional hard drives and floppy drives have one common problem, the moving (spinning) mechanism fails and the drives become useless.  In addition, these drives are obsolete ; you cannot find any new unit.

To cope with this problem, we came up with our SCSI CF drive, a drive that uses a CF card media.  The drive is a lot more reliable than a traditional drive because there is no moving mechanism.  It runs a lot faster because it is a solid state device.  Besides, it can use 1, 2, 4, 8, or 16 GB CF card.

Here are where you can use the CF drives as replacement units on Canon Steppers:

1. SCSI hard drive on Console Computer (FPA-2500 i3 and below)

2. SCSI floppy drive on Console Computer (FPA-2500 i3 and below)

3. Disk Unit on Control Rack / D-Rack (FPA-2500 i3 and below)

4. MO drive (FPA-3000 series)

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